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"The Woke Lawyer shall be a great platform for professionals and aspirants to explore issues of local and international importance. I would like to congratulate the team for this wonderful initiative. I would encourage you to read regularly to have a deep understanding of important issues."

Necer Edine Ziouani


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"I hope to assist the writers at The Woke Lawyer with my knowledge and expertise over international relations. Reading the diverse set of articles will help our readers discern the causes and consequences of crucial international matters. Additionally, it will expose them to regular news about issues outside their immediate political narratives. I wish all members the best of luck for a successful journey at The Woke Lawyer."

Prashant Mishra


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"I am incredibly grateful to be in the Board of Mentors at The Woke Lawyer. I believe that this platform will be invaluable to bring forth global conceptions of present day legal and political concerns. The journal shall provide access to a discourse on law that encourages participation of the youth. A proactive perspective to contemporary legal issues is essential for a healthy democracy."

L.K. Giri

Advocate / Mediator 

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Satish Kumar

Advocate / Arbitrator 

"I would like to express my gratitude to The Woke Lawyer for inviting me to the Board of Mentors. I believe that our journal shall assist readers develop critical thinking skills and have access to a myriad ideas about crucial issues by regular reading. It shall bring forth a variety of issues from various fields. It will give access to a spectrum of jurisprudence from our diverse set of authors, each writing about issues within and outside their countries. Readers will have access to all this on a single platform, and that is worth acknowledging."

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The Woke Lawyer is an international politico-legal journal based in New Delhi. We have a diverse set of authors from twelve countries who bring forth extensive knowledge in their respective arenas. We make complex issues from the legal field easily accessible to individuals from other fields while satisfying the intellectual demands of those pursuing law. We provide access to a discourse that actively encourages the participation of the youth.

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